Guangzhou Gim Yip-Auto Engineering Co.,Ltd, located in the economic development zone of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, is a comprehensive technical enterprise integrating the design, integration, technical transformation and project service of industrial automation system. It is mainly engaged in automatic product sales and water treatment automatic chemical engineering. Cheng, supporting electrical and electrical cabinets, control cabinet design, installation of PLC programming, debugging, maintenance and other businesses. The company has a strong technical force and has a technical team that fully grasps advanced water treatment technology and automation technology. It can provide a series of matching services for customers from technical plan design, complete set of electric cabinet equipment production, software development, installation and debugging, user training to after-sale.

The main business of the company:
Automatic electrical products: Schneider PLC, SIEMENS PLC, Tian Zheng, deli and other low-voltage electrical components, frequency converter, button switch, programmable controller, touch screen, servo controller
Automation system integration: drinking water, industrial water, industrial sewage treatment system design, PLC programming, installation and commissioning.
Complete sets of electric cabinet production: low voltage control cabinet, low voltage distribution cabinet, PLC system control cabinet, star triangle starting cabinet, constant pressure water supply frequency conversion cabinet, air conditioner control cabinet.
Typical applications: constant pressure water supply, air compressor, fan pump, central air conditioning, port machinery, machine tools, boilers, papermaking machinery, food machinery and so on.